Amazing iPhone X : First Impressions Of The iPhone X

In The Hand

The iPhone X is just a smidge bigger than the iPhone 8, despite the much larger screen. This makes it easy to hold and use one handed, even in my tiny hands. It’s a little thicker than the iPhone 8, and many of the other flagships out there. It’s thicker and heavier than the S8 and Pixel XL 2, for instance. It doesn’t feel bulky at all, it’s a satisfying size, something that feels well balanced and well weighted, not at all fragile. Like John Davidson at The Financial Review, I felt the Pixel 2 actually felt a little too light, proving nothing more than technology reviewers are annoyingly picky people.

The stainless steel sides look fantastic, like iPods of old, and the glass backed white or grey of the iPhone is simply beautiful. It’s all very grippy, which makes me want to use the phone without a case, but I just can’t bring myself to do that.

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