Amazing iPhone X : First Impressions Of The iPhone X

New Gestures

I really love the new gestures to navigate iOS. Swiping to open immediately feels natural, while the swipe and pause to get to multitasking takes a day or two to become second nature. Flicking apps up to close them feels so much faster than exiting with a home button, and swiping between apps from the bottom of the screen is a much faster, more pleasant way of quickly jumping between apps. I’ve already found myself trying to use these new gestures on my current iPhone, and wishing I had them there, too.

I’ve always hated control centre on the bottom of the screen, so often i’d pull up the keyboard when I wanted it, so I’m glad to see it moved to the top right of the display. You can also now wake the screen with a touch, which is nice.

Of all the new tweaks to the interface, my favourite new feature is notifications on the lock screen. By default, notifications appear on the screen collapsed, with details hidden. Glance at your screen, and the notifications open up to reveal the text of a message or the summary of an email, so you can quickly respond to them without having to open your phone.

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