Amazing iPhone X : First Impressions Of The iPhone X

The Screen


The screen is the best on any mobile phone I’ve used. Only Samsung’s beautiful Galaxy S8 and Note8 come close, and that’s no surprise, considering Apple’s arch-rival manufactured the panel for the iPhone X, to Apple’s specifications. But the iPhone X screen has, for my eyes, a better colour balance and the added benefit of Apple’s True Tone technology, which adjusts the hues of the screen to the ambient lighting of your surroundings.

On Samsung’s phones, I normally have to adjust the settings down from the vibrant K-Pop default to a more muted colour balance; here, no adjustments were necessary. iOS 11’s bright, colourful palette still popped off the screen, but scrolling through mainly white background applications wasn’t a blinding experience.

Photos look simply stunning on this display, and video playback supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Mindhunter, Netflix’s dark serial killer drama, was the perfect test for the screen. The show looked incredible, as the HDR brought out details even in the shadows.

And the iPhone X screen is incredibly bright. It’s the easiest iPhone to use in direct sunlight, and in tricky situations — on the dash of a car, for turn by turn directions, at sunset — when the screen is picking up reflections from every angle.

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