20 Amazing Features Your Favorite Apps Added That You Didn’t Notice : IOS 11


16) Choose your own adventure in Netflix

Some of the kids shows in Netflix can now be played like a choose your own adventure game on iOS or smart TVs, where youngsters are able to pick the storylines and outcomes they want to see. Try Puss in Book for starters.

17) Delete sent messages in WhatsApp

Said something you shouldn’t have? The new Delete for Everyone option in WhatsApp lets you scrub something from the conversation: Tap and hold the message, then tap the trash icon, then choose to Delete for everyone.

18) Share your location in real-time in WhatsApp

Location sharing has been available in WhatsApp for a while, but now you can share a constantly updated, real-time report on your whereabouts with any of your contacts. Tap the attachment icon, then Location to do it.

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