20 Amazing Features Your Favorite Apps Added That You Didn’t Notice : IOS 11


7) Relive your youth in Spotify

If you don’t pay attention to the Home screen on Spotify, you may have missed a new auto-generated playlist called Your Time Capsule from Spotify. It plays tunes plucked from your teens—back when music really meant something.

8) Play tracks with Google Assistant in Spotify

Spotify now works wherever Google Assistant can be found, so you can say “OK Google, play Spotify” on your Google Home speaker or Android phone (just be sure to set up the Spotify link in the Google Home app first).

9) Order food in Facebook

All that News Feed scrolling got you peckish? You can now order food inside the Facebook app, via the Order Food option in the main Explore menu—a number of partners are signed up, including EatStreet and Delivery.com.

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