20 Amazing Features Your Favorite Apps Added That You Didn’t Notice : IOS 11


4) Paint the sky in Snapchat

Staying with Snapchat and the wonders of augmented reality, if you point your camera at a scene that includes a block of sky and take a picture, as you swipe through your filters you’ll see ones for changing the light and atmosphere.

5) Add polls to your Stories in Instagram

Get feedback from your Instagram followers by adding a poll in a Story—take a picture and a poll appears as one of the sticker options. Note that all votes are public and can be seen by anyone who is allowed to view the Story.

6) Get closer with Superzoom in Instagram

in addition to polls, you can now add a Superzoom effect to any of your Stories, and it appears as a new camera option between Boomerang and Rewind. Just start recording and the app takes care of the zooming, with sound effects.

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