15 Most Popular Android Apps You Must Download Now : Software

15 Most Popular Android Apps You Must Download Now : Software

Android Apps

1. Foursquare — Best City Guide

Find the best places to eat, drink, shop or visit . Foursquare is the city guide that will lead you to the perfect spot – anywhere in the world. Get helpful, positive tips from our trusted global community and keep track of where you you’ve been and where you want to go, all in one place.Looking to check in or become Mayor of your local coffee shop? Download Swarm.

With Foursquare you can:

  • Join a community of people just like you who love to explore and seek out hidden gems.
  • Read short tips written by real people all over the world.
  • Make lists for any occasion! Keep a running to-do of neighborhood hot spots, or places you want to try while traveling.
  • Add tastes, rate places, and lifelog where you’ve been to get hyper-personalized recommendations.
  • Follow friends, brands, and influencers and uncover the best experience possible with millions of tips about off-the-menu items, speakeasy entrances, wifi passwords, and much more.
  • Keep a history of the places you’ve been. Never forget a memory, photo, or the name of that incredible pizza place you went to while visiting Rome.
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for. Faster.


2. Tap Hunter

Track down your libation of choice, pull up your favorite spot’s live drink list, and browse through our personalized recommendations for you. With TapHunter in the palm of your hand you’ll never have to guess what’s on tap or where to find your favorite drink ever again!TapHunter is currently available in a select number of markets, but we’re adding more all the time.

  • Discover great local bars, restaurants, breweries and tasting rooms
  • Get personalized recommendations on where to go and what to drink based on your preferences
    See live drinks lists for any listed location
  • Follow your favorite drinks to get notified when they become available around you
  • Follow all the best spots to get alerts when they update their drink list
  • Rate and share the drinks you’ve drank and track the drinks you want
  • Browse the local events around you and share them with your friends on social media


3. World of Beer Mobile

Now you can have a World of Beer in the palm of your hand!Download this app to accompany your next visit to one of our many nation-wide World of Beer locations! With this app, you’ll be able to do the following:

Find A Beer
Use our beer finder to view the entire beer inventory from any of our taverns in real-time! Looking for a light German Pilsner? How about a Dark Ale brewed in the United States? By using smart filtering, you’ll be able to find the right beer for you at any time, any location. Can’t make up your mind? Just shake the phone and have the app pick a random beer for you! Sort by what’s on tap, in bottles, or both! We’ve recently added flags and filters to show you what’s been newly tapped or stocked in our coolers, and show you last chance bottles to try before they run out.

Get Loyalty Information
Have a loyalty card with World of Beer? You can put in your card number and have access to your complete loyalty info! Instantly check your loyalty count and view your entire loyalty list. Looking for a beer you haven’t had? Use our loyalty filter to show new beers for you to try out! Forget your card at home? Just turn your phone to the side and show others your virtual loyalty card!


4. Drizly – Alcohol Delivery

For consumers of legal age, Drizly is like having a liquor store on your Android device. With the largest retail delivery network in the US, Drizly is the fastest, most convenient way to get beer, wine and liquor delivered to your door in under an hour, scheduled to your office or party, or gifted to a friend! Plus, products on Drizly cost the same as they do in the liquor store – NO MARKUPS!


  • Order your favorite beers, wines, liquors, mixers, and extras from your local liquor stores.
  • Schedule deliveries for yourself or a friend, right from the app. Fee-less In-Store Pickup is also supported at our increasing number of participating stores.
  • Filter through our massive selection by special categories, brands, kegs, or our expanded selection delivery network.
  • Re-order past orders, for those times you just gotta recreate that great cocktail.
  • Track your preferred products, and favorite them for later.


5. PhotoScan by Google Photos

PhotoScan is a new scanner app from Google Photos that lets you scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone’s camera.

  • Picture perfect and glare free
  • Don’t just take a picture of a picture. Create enhanced digital scans, wherever your photos are.
  • Get glare-free scans with an easy step-by-step capture flow
  • Automatic cropping based on edge detection
  • Straight, rectangular scans with perspective correction
  • Smart rotation, so your photos stay right-side-up no matter which way you scan them


6. Fingerprint Gestures

Enable the fingerprint actions of Google Pixel on your device. Use gestures like single tap, double tap, or fast tap (swipe) to control your phone and/or tablet.To check your notifications, swipe down on the fingerprint sensor on your phone. Touch your fingerprint sensor and scroll through an app of your choice. To quickly turn your phone to sleep, just tap the sensor. And so much more!

Available actions

  • Icon touch panel
  • Back
  • Home
  • Recent apps
  • Sleep (Root)
  • Power button menu
  • Scroll down (Root)
  • Scroll up (Root)
  • Open notifications panel
  • Toggle notifications panel


7. Poundaweek – Calorie Counter

With weekly nutrition goals rather than daily diet restrictions, this smart calorie counter never lets one bad day stop you from getting lean and becoming body confident. Lose a pound a week. Reach your goal, every week.


  • Other Calorie Counters – Set your diet goals once based on a generic formula.
  • Poundaweek – Sets your diet goals automatically EVERY week, based on what you actually eat and how active you are.
  • Other Calorie Counters – Don’t provide any coaching. If you stop losing weight you’re on your own.
  • Poundaweek – Learns from you and provides personalized weekly reports, so you continue losing weight.
  • Other Calorie Counters – Require monthly payments to access all features.
  • Poundaweek – All features completely free. No payments, ever.
  • Other Calorie Counters – Mandatory signup and login required.
  • Poundaweek – No login or signup required. Pick and choose any optional services you would like to connect to.


8. Elixr

Elixr helps you discover, rate, and share great drinks.

Main features:

  • Check-in, rate and share beer, cocktails, wine, and spirits
  • Like, save, and discuss drinks with your friends and followers
  • Search for drinks, venues, makers, members, and your check-ins
  • Discover which venues craft and serve great drinks nearby
  • View your check-in history, activity, to-dos, and favorite drinks


9. The Guardian VR

The Guardian VR places you inside the story. Marrying our experience of rigorous journalism with innovative storytelling.Whether it’s experiencing what it’s like to be in a solitary confinement cell for 23 hours a day or exploring London’s Victorian sewer system with an urban explorer, these first-hand experiences present a new form of journalism.We’ll be bringing you new pieces every month or so, on Daydream and soon other platforms.


10. Ambi-Turner

Ambi-Turner can turn on your default ambient display whenever you take your phone out of your pocket, or turn it from face down to face up. Android’s default implementation of ambient display on pixel and other devices doesn’t include gesture support or pulse notifications like some other phone manufacturers. Ambi-Turner adds those features to your existing ambient display or third party lock screen.


  • This app provide’s additional capabilities to Android’s Ambient Display. You must have Ambient Display enabled for it to work. You also must have a lock screen enabled with notifications allowed to be shown on the lock screen. Ambi-Turner is only active when your screen is locked and off.
  • Some people are experiencing problems with Do Not Disturb. You can fix this by going to android settings, notification, ambi-turner and selecting Override Do Not Disturb.
  • Waves must be close to the phone if you have certain sensors (they only report near or far). You also need to wave briskly and completely pass over the phone for a wave to register. Wave time customization feature is being worked.
  • Tilt to wake should activate when you leave the phone flat for 3 seconds and then tilt it more than 30 degrees.
  • If there is a delay, it’s likely because Android’s Doze put your phone into deep sleep.


11. Open GApps

This is the official OpenGApps.org app that enables you to quickly check for the latest Open GApps packages and download them from OpenGApps.org . The app requires access to the filesystem to be able to download and store the Open GApps packages in your Downloads-folder.If your device has ‘root’ enabled and you grant root permissions to the app, it can instruct the recovery to directly install the Open GApps package.


12. Simple Habit Meditation

5 minute meditations designed by a Harvard psychologist. Reduce stress, improve focus, breathe, and sleep better with meditations guided by world’s best meditation teachers. Recommended by Business Insider. Download for FREE today.


  • Improved focus throughout the day
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Increased self-awareness and sense of perspective
  • Be an effective leader
  • Be a better listener
  • Tackle different life challenges
  • Enjoy better relationships
  • Be happier


13. Sworkit Personalized Workouts

Sworkit was rated #1 by a recent study assessing fitness apps based on the parameters for safety, stretching, progression, and more set by the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Also unlike other apps in the study that limit workouts until upgrading, with Sworkit you enjoy all the free workouts Sworkit has to offer and then choose to upgrade to Sworkit Premium when you are ready.

Create your own CUSTOM WORKOUTS (or modify any existing one) using any exercise in our library for a fully personalized experience. Perfect for:

  • Focused Routines – Target any areas such as abs, back, butt, chest, hips, legs, stomach, thighs, etc.
  • Injury Recovery – Remove moves you can’t do, or add rehabilitative ones
  • New Challenges – We’ve had people insert running in place and pushups between every other exercise for the ultimate bootcamp!
  • Coach Created Training – For personal trainers, sports trainers, physical therapists, PE teachers and more.


14. Programming Hub, Learn to code

Programming Hub is your one-stop solution to learn all the top programming languages – anywhere, anytime!With a huge collection of programming examples,complete course material and compiler for practice, all your programming needs are bundled in a single app for your daily practice.

What all programming languages you can learn?

  • C Programming:C programming is a powerful general-purpose language.If you are new to programming then C Programming is the best language to start your programming journey.In practical C programming is used in Embedded stuff,Systems programming.
  • C++: C++ is used nearly everywhere for everything from systems programming,numerical and scientific computing,web development,writing compilers, console games, desktop applications and so on.
  • Java: java is an object oriented, general purpose,high-level programming language.Today java is being used to develop a range of software like web applications,J2ME Apps,Embedded Space,Android,Big Data Technologies etc.


15. Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness App

Daily Yoga is a yoga coaching app providing Yoga Classes, Asanas, Scheduled Plans, and Guided Meditation , suitable for all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.


  • 100 yoga sessions and programs, 9 guided meditation tracks , 500 yoga poses, and 18 background music
    Scheduled plans for beginners, fitness, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance, menstruation, and Meditation
  • 16:9 HD Videos for landscape view + live voice instructions
  • 3 different intensities (Casual/Moderate/Intense) for beginners and the advanced
  • Various duration (5/10/15/20/30/45 min) for your choice
  • New contents added continuously each month
  • Works on Android phones , tablets and Chromecast!


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