13 Best Handpicked Android Apps Worth to Checking Out : Software

13 Best Handpicked Android Apps Worth to Checking Out : Software


From the past few years The Google Play store has number of apps which are useful for our in our daily life. Here we are facing a major problem as what are it features and categories some are like top rated ,top free and some top paid we are not having any idea about this apps so we are providing a detailed study for that. So many updated are coming daily if you have a clear idea you can download apps for your handset. Have you ever got a question what are the best apps for android? Here we are helping u in that way.


This is a video calling app which is available for Android and iOS upcoming messaging app , it’s one of two communication apps Google announced earlier, and from the company it makes one-to-one calling between Androids, and Android to iPhone, very simple. Both parties have to download the app to begin chatting. Android users will likely using Duo to video-call all their friends, iPhone owners won’t find it enough to ring up fellow iPhone users. Certainly become their go-to app when calling up a buddy who uses Android. Its main highlights feature is Knock Knock, which gives who is calling by the camera on the other end. When you are attempting call, you can see your video is visible, means other person can see what you are doing. If you worry about anything you don’t want to see that, you can receive Knock Knocks from people who are already in your contact list only.



If you are finding for a good file explorer having many features it have to be Solid Explorer is the good look and feel file manager with independent panels which brings to you a new file browsing experience. It gives a support for storages as Drop box, Box, Google Drive and One Drive. This file manager can be used by connecting to your Windows PC and many servers with FTP, SFTP. You will also appreciate ability to create and extract most commonly used archive formats. One of the app’s strong points is that it includes two independent windows so you can move files from one place with dragging and dropping you can easily transfer files between various locations including PC shares, cloud and root folders. Android other file managers, Solid Explorer File Manager incorporate a main shortcut to all its options from the folder and storages, from which you can explore all the subfolders on your Android. The main advantage of locating and extracting all your multimedia files into sections for photos, music, videos, and apps, so you can have your most relevant files on hand



FAST Speed Test is an excellent app which a clear results to your connection speed with a simple and elegant interface which offers great results in a short span of time. It allows to check internet c speed and able to know immediately if you are able to watch Netflix within your present connection or not. The best part of this is exactly what makes it so extremely useful. It is just simple and easy to use, and the bonus is that totally Adds free yes without having to watch a single ad, even other than sponsored by Netflix.



People than ever cutting ties to cables, and opting to cut the cord down their cable TV packages. According to Nielsen’s data, the top cables have lost subscribers over the past four years. Just Watch, wants to become a resource for viewers, designed for cord cutters. The idea explains by founder David is to help to watch a movie or without having service provider you using and perform a search. It also includes a feature that media consumers appreciate; it updates every day to know your favorite provider has added new content.



Isotope – Periodic Table is a reference app which is absolutely essential for a student science. It offers a good look and feel, practical, and elegant interface, with no ads at all. In the detailed view of each element there’s a photo of it in high definition, along with its composition and weight. In the premium version this app you can view even more info about the elements. It is an excellent science app offering a simple, elegant, and very practical interface. You can change your Settings options the units of temperature Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit and the visualize them
The periodic table of chemical elements itself is a genius invention appearance is seldom attractive .The main features of this are- 118 elements, Temperature unit chooser, quality images elements are automatically updated.



Stopping motion animation is another great thing to experiment with in a phone camera. The simple way of creating them on an Android device You can start a new project, shooting each frame using a very simple camera-style app, and then exporting it by choosing how many frames a second you want to render the video at. The selection of stop motion apps out there is limited. The easiest way to use this was Motion. It is intensely simple, but not having the poor interface design that the other apps to stop motion .As other apps will work slowly for processing work needs as Motion doesn’t handle anything like this. The main advantage of Motion is it is easy for usage and friendly.



Narro is digital that read articles and texts it is available in both Android and iOS app form along with a desktop web browser plug-in and with email, Pocket and integrations. Narro, a new web application from developed by Josh Beckman that converts the articles you bookmark it provided bookmark let into podcast episodes that are oh-so-conveniently deposited into your own Narro-generated podcast feed that you then subscribe to in your podcast player of choice

Narro is the web app works well. The transcription engine is fast and despite being peppered with brief spoken and audio oddities, human be scary for robot voiceovers are entirely tolerable to listen to. One possible catch might be lack of podcast player support It specifically mentions fine right now, worth too but it does not provide a address that should be accepted by any podcast player that allows you to cut and paste feed addresses. Narro is something like an RSS or news reader service exponentially more useful than just bookmarking from Safari alone meantime, for those with too little time to read and too much time to listen.



It gives you access high quality icons, each of which offers a stylish alternative to the app icons to refresh home screens. This app will be Material, Creative Particular on each icon will make your device differ by following by material design guides, ready to enjoy colors and various design. Visual expression is maximum in this and having. True material design experience. The main features are HD icons, Hundreds of alternatives, Many categories icons to sort your apps, wallpapers, Masking for un themed ones, Dynamic calendar and preview feature, live wallpapers compatibility,



In our technology has been all of chat bots, but Marsbot is not like that it is a creative product where it completely interacts with us. We chose to experiment with offering personalized recommendations. With a chat bot, you ask specific questions and it will give specific answers for what you are needed in right time. Our main goal with this is to give you the answers. It is completely based on where you are and where you usually go. It is a really big challenge and one that only Foursquare, with our vast location intelligence. Marsbot is a work-in-progress and we are implementing more features by creating what we want be like. While we are iterating, fixing bugs and improving the experience, some time will be taken by Marsbot to learn about you and for us to refine how it all works. So you have to be patient.



Playboy now has released an official magazine app by now Playboy is your guide to life, style, humor and everything for today’s guy, from the one and only Playboy you can Get the quick on your Smartphone like as favorite sports, entertainment, fast cars and.

You can purchase and view individual issues of the magazine for a fee. This app will works pretty well though it seems to be better suited for tablets than smart phones. The settings contains a l list of all controls you have available this helps make it easy to use share videos to your friends and impress them so that you can be happy. It takes a bit to get used to and there are some errors in that we are waiting for upgrading in future.



Sprayscape is quickly used for smart phone’s to take pictures on 360-degree by Just pointing your mobile and tapping on the screen to spray faces, places, or anything and everything .After capturing pictures your 360-degree photo collage, you can share your photos with your friends by clicking a link.

This app uses the Cardboard SDK to read gyroscope data and the plug-in to control the camera. Google has published this code on GitHub, so if you want the same app, you can use Google’s code for this.
at starting stage of this app, it is not immediately same as that you shouldn’t keep your finger on the screen as you move around. It gives a blurry image seems to be Weird, but funny.



Surfy Browser is a new browser which focus mainly on security web browser it is available on both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 has been updated to version 5.28. This app is an option for those who are looking for advanced features such as download manager, downloading YouTube videos, voice commands and a multilingual text-to-speech engine. The main features of Surfy Browser are Real swipe able tabs, Mobile optimization, which reduce data usage. Pass code protection, Voice Search and commands for favorites and well known pages multilingual text to speech engine, Saving and Sharing downloaded files, Transferring files to a computer with Wi-Fi, Export downloaded files to SD Card, and any file to Media Library, Download YouTube videos, Private browsing with customizable background image, saving passwords and Logins with foreground and background downloads, Multiple search providers: Google Bing, Yahoo!. Private browsing at start-up, Set a desktop or reading mode for individual tabs, Share pages with Email SMS, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, & NFC, Pin pages to the Launch Pad,



Wallpapers by Google are the one of a good Pixel apps to which clicked Google Play Store. Earlier this wallpaper was extracted from the images that surfaces but today. It is the one most important featured of the Pixel and Pixel XL promotional materials. We can see existing on your devices you need to switch on to it . It’s nothing hard, but it does work well, and wallpapers look pretty good and awesome. You can also find the wallpapers attached at the below to get the full resolution images.


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