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8. Gymster+ Workouts & IIFYM Diet

Are you bored of the same old workouts & tasteless “clean” recipes and repetitive workouts? Never be bored again and download Gymster!

User dashboard

  • Workout analytics
  • Weight tracker for monitoring your progress – average weight feature to avoid data from fluctuations.


  • Randomise or manually pick exercises based on equipment at your gym
  • Workout analysis that shows total reps, sets, volume and workouts
  • 200+ IIFYM recipes with a sort by macros (calories,fat,protein & carbs) feature!
  • Why waste time scrolling through exercises you can’t perform? Unlike other apps Gymster only returns exercises you can perform based on your gym’s equipment!


  • Looking for a wide range of IIFYM recipes? Looking for specific macro meals? High in fat? Low in carbs? Ketogenic, vegan or vegetarian, Gymster has you covered.
  • 200+ IIFYM recipes (if it fits your macros)
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. You’ll never need another diet or recipe app again.
  • Order recipes by macros, sugar, fiber and time to suit your lifestyle
  • Macro bar breakdowns for each recipe making it easy to track macros.
  • Recipe creator profiles detailing creator information
  • Full nutritional information including calories, fats, carbs, protein, fiber and sugar
  • Ingredients and detailed methods for an easy cooking experience


  • 2 workout modes (randomised and manual). Keep your workouts fun with randomise mode (like wod but better!)
  • Only returns exercises based on equipment you have available at your gym so you never have to worry about which exercises you can or can’t perform.
  • Save multiple gym presets in case you use more than 1

500+ exercises

  • 70+ pieces of equipment to choose from including kettlebells, steel mace, bulgarian bags and weight machines. (more added at user request)
  • Instructional GIFS for exercises
  • Videos for specific exercises
  • Never seen before 3D interactive tutorials for specific exercises. Spin and rotate around the animation of the exercise!
  • Log your workouts and keep track of progress.
  • Swap out feature for exercises you don’t wish to perform for randomise mode.
  • Quick and easy fitness workout routines no matter what equipment you have or which gym you are at

Additional features

  • News section for updates on the app and other news from around the fitness world


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