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4. Angularis 2 – 360° Circle Fun


Are you looking for a REAL challenge? Angularis requires perfect concentration, timing and skill!

  • appgefahren.de
    Although the gameplay is relatively simple, angularis 2 is great fun and quickly leads to the famous “One more round” feeling
  • iplayapps.de
    Solid highscore game for all fans of rapid reaction apps
  • antyapps.pl
    Dynamic gameplay, catchy music and a lot of challenges. What’s not to like?

You need to have the ability to concentrate on what you do in order to beat the high score. The longer you play the faster and challenging the game will be.

Definitely a must have for all who like to play high score games with neon look and a high degree of difficulty.

* Crazy hard gameplay
* Beat the high score on Game Center
* Unlock the hardcore mode
* Future flat neon look
* Optimized for phones and tablets


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