11 Amazing paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now : IOS

9. Coyn

Coyn — Simple, Secure, and Stylish way to manage your cash balance. Introducing the new feature: Coyn Share.

  • Manage your money like it’s no one else’s business.
  • A brand new experience to manage your daily expenses.
  • Be the only one who tracks your cash expenditures and earnings.
  • Traveling a lot? No problem! use Coyn to track all your cash expenditures and focus on your adventures!
  • Never lose track of where and how you spent your cash
  • Improve your financial wellness by defining budget and meeting the goals
  • Use “Coyn Pin” feature to pin categories that are important to you and have them on you main screen to help you stay on budget
  • Premium users to have Unlimited Accounts to manage their cash balance
  • 3D Touch feature allowing users to add expense/earning quickly and also see the balance instantly
    Secure your Coyn using your fingerprint

Use Coyn Share to:

  • Manage expenses from your road trip with friends
  • Report your business expenditures to your boss
  • Pay your electricity/rent to your roommate
  • Split bills at the restaurant
  • or simply pay your friend for that cold beer!


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