11 Amazing paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now : IOS

2. MobiShield

Give your mobile phone a healthy check-up! MobiShield of iPhone can check whether there is security risks in your phone, help you repair risks and prevent the personal information leakage in your phone because of security risks.
MobiShield always protect your phone, the most accurate network traffic monitoring, the most professional network testing technology, the full range of mobile phone information recognition, all mobile phone information is mastered. MobiShield monitors your traffic usage in real-time, and according to the need reminds you to make you understand your traffic using state in time;Real-time protection of personal information,Make your phone more secure!

Main Function:

  • Mobile Health Check-up
  • Safe scan;
  • Risk repair;
  • Check the iPhone monitoring information;
  • Monitoring iPhone traffic;
  • Monitor iPhone battery;
  • Monitor iPhone storage;
  • Monitoring system information
  • Backup and Recover Contacts
  • Support safe backup and restoration of the contacts;
  • Compress backup content with encryption to guarantee the content security in the transmission and storage, and to save network traffic;
  • Real-time online restoration;


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