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8. Space Story

Border sectors are attacked by unknown ships.The player takes the role of a captain,who is caught up in star war. Fight,trade,mining,exlore,even steal to survive in a world that is on the verge of destruction. Having passed all the circles of space hell,you have to make a choice – save the galaxy or let it burn in the flame of an ancient anger.

  • VAST GENERATED GALAXY : Amazing world with complete freedom of action. Mine, fight, trade, research, steal!
  • 3 TITANs : A HUGE unique ships with a large number of weapons on board.
  • OWN SPACE STATION : Space Station Kit – mount your own station in any place in any sector.
  • MORE THAN 100 WEAPONS, EQUIPMENTS : With unique names, random generated levels and params.
  • INTERACTIVE WEAPON SYSTEM : You see all mounted weapon on your ship, how it turns, reloads, fires.
  • AI CAPTAINS WITH FULL LIFE CIC : They mine, fight, trade, researche, LIVE as you are.
  • CRAFT SYSTEM : All weapons, equipments can be crafted from blueprints. Unique randomize system. And, ships, of course. Some of them couldn’t be bought, only crafted!
  • BLACK HOLES : Six level depth, ancient secrets and ancient guardians, Nightmares.
  • SECRET PLACES : To discover and unlock.


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