11 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Install Right Now : IOS

4. IDEAZ – Keep your ideas in one place

You know that you have an amazing idea, so you run as fast as you can to your mobile, open the nearest note app, writing your idea ,and the next week you can’t remember what was your ‘one billion dollar’ idea, and where you’ve wrote it… For people like you IDEAZ app was made!

IDEAZ created to help you Save & organize your great ideas in one place, In a few simple gestures, you can add new ideas, save it or share it, and build the next big thing.

How it works?

  • Every idea you’ve got is built from small ideas, inspirations and sketches.
  • So IDEAZ created for you a list of ideas that every idea contain four different tools to express yourself: Text, Photo, Audio or Free drawing.
  • Swipe down to add new idea.
  • Swipe left to edit are your idea, and make it better.
  • Swipe right to share your idea by email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Arrange your main ideas list as you like – just hold and drag it to change the order.


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