11 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Download Now : IOS

11 Amazing Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Download Now : IOS

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1. Direct Shot for Dropbox

Extend your device storage by skipping the Camera Roll and sending photos and video directly to the Dropbox cloud locations you choose. Stay organized and choose your desired locations directly from the camera.

Direct Shot for Dropbox requires an internet (WiFi or Cellular) connection to use.


  • Connect your Dropbox account (Free, Pro, or Enterprise)
  • Choose or create as many folder locations as you want
  • From the Direct Shot camera, choose your desired location and take your photo or video
  • Your media is automatically uploaded to the chosen Dropbox location, and never gets added to your Camera Roll


Direct Shot is perfect for anyone who wants to use the camera on their iOS device as an archiving or organizational utility, including:

  • Designers & Developers — Sketches, post-it notes, whiteboards, magazines
  • Teachers & Students — Assignments, notes, whiteboards, project elements
  • Business Travelers — Receipts, expenses, rental-car info, directions
  • Photographers & Videographers — Layouts, locations, lighting tests
  • Contractors & Plumbers — Receipts, wiring, replacement parts, specs



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